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Our Story

Elevated basics for modern lifestyle

Eat, drink, sleep, chill – whatever you need to recharge at home – we take care of it and make that experience enjoyable for you. A cup of iced latte in the morning, instagrammable breakfast-in-bed, devouring a birthday cake with friends, a night of sake drinking paired with your favorite sushi takeout… All the basic little things that make you happy and alive motivated us to create our brand: Basic but Good. We create beautiful, elevated home essentials for your long-term contentedness. 

Aesthetics without borders

Sourcing inspirations from all over the world, we translate the essence of Nordic Minimalism and Japanese aesthetics into our products. With designers in Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo, and Shanghai, our team is diverse in cultures and experiences. Global citizens and world travelers ourselves, we believe in globalization and collaboration. In an increasing more isolated and polarized world, we hope to curate your home with best of the world, with love.   

Handcrafted with heart and Soul

We handcraft most of our sustainable wood and ceramic products in our studio in Shanghai. For glasswork, rattan and metal, we work with partners who share our commitment to quality, craftsmanship and responsible manufacturing. With a network of independent craftsmen and craftswomen, we are able to offer you high quality handcrafted products at an accessible price point.

Fair pricing

Social sustainability is our top value - we want our price to be fair to both you and our partners. By cutting out middlemen, we are able to make our products affordable while paying our craftsmen and craftswomen fairly – 20% above industry average. Craftsmen and women are the loveliest and humblest human beings out there, but their work is largely undervalued. Fair pricing allows us to create value for both our customers and community.

Contact Us

Shopping should be a two-way conversation. If you have any questions, feedback, suggestions, please feel free to share with us - we'd LOVE to hear your thoughts! 


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